The pool

Located at 2554 Oak Valley Drive, opens for the season on Friday, May 27. To contact the guard desk, please call (703) 242-1521.

This lakevale.org website, hosted by Member Splash, is used to verify your identity when you check in at the pool. Member Splash is also used for our data management. Please be sure to update your Member Splash account with pictures to facilitate a quick entry to the pool. If you have any questions about your Member Splash account, email lemembersplash@gmail.com

All members of the household who reside in the home of a member must be recorded in the member’s Membersplash account and will be admitted free to the pool. Family members living outside the member’s house will be considered guests. Guests of members are also welcome to use the pool, and each lot owner will be allocated fifteen (15) free casual guest passes per lot per season for guests visiting on a daily basis. Fees for any additional guests shall be $3 per guest per day. Abuse of Guest privileges by any member may be considered sufficient cause for suspension or cancellation of pool privileges.

For complete pool rules and regulations please refer to the combined bylaws, rules and regulations booklet.

2022 Pool Hours

  • While school is in session:  4-8pm weekdays, and 12-8pm on weekends.
  • Once school is out: 12-9pm each day.
  • There will be 7-8AM adult swim on weekdays, and 11-12pm adult swim on Sundays during the summer.

Our Swim Team: The Lakevale Dolphins

Lakevale children can join the team and swim in competitive and training meets during June and July. Practice is held after school starting the week after Memorial Day and in the mornings once school is out for the summer. Clinics are also held after swim practice for an additional fee. Younger swimmers can participate in the Mini-Ds. More info on the team is available here.