In 2010, Quin Baker started a list of contractors/vendors for Lakevale residents to use for reference when planning work on and around their houses. Thanks to Quin for setting this up and to Dayna Kasserman, who now maintains it.

Please help keep the list up to date by submitting contact info for contractors and vendors you would recommend. Please include your own name and address and e-mail your information to .

A contractor / vendor will be removed from the list when two or more Lakevale residences request their removal.

DISCLAIMER:  This list IN NO WAY represents an endorsement for work or product or quality of work or product from any part of Lakevale Estates Community Association or any of its board; that any work sourced from the list by a Lakevale resident is at that resident’s sole discretion, expense and liability and that no part of Lakevale Estates, its association or board or its residents shall be held responsible or liable for any aspect of work performed or product provided.  The list is intended solely for Lakevale residents reference only.

The list is available here. (update: here)